Mostra di Orsatti Geraldine
Mostra di Orsatti Geraldine

Exhibition of the colorful work (paintings, mixed technique) by Geraldine Orsatti. where: Laboratorio Aperto Bussana Vecchia When: from august 17 until august 24 2015  ...

Come I Bambini
Bussana vs Europa

In august 2015 the film by Maurizio Falcone "Come I Bambini" will be projected in Bussana Vecchia. The 2 hour film is a metaphor for Europe. What has become of the ideals of an united Europe. The ideals of the first artist community of Bussana Vecchia is...

Come i bambini
Come i bambini by Maurizio falcone

Maurizio Falcone created a film based on the theme: the metaphor of Bussana, or how we want to see Europe. During 2 hours Maurizio gives us an insight in the idealism of Bussana and how Europe could benefit from this. The first showing of this film in...