Paz Gitana, august 2015

12 aug Paz Gitana

Music and dace theatre Paz Gitana   Where: Bussana Vecchia When: August 21 Chiesa Grande, and August 22 Osteria degli Artisti   Two possibilities to be a part of this world event in the medieval setting of Bussana Vecchia.  ...

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Mostra di Orsatti Geraldine

01 aug Mostra di Orsatti Geraldine

Exhibition of the colorful work (paintings, mixed technique) by Geraldine Orsatti. where: Laboratorio Aperto Bussana Vecchia When: from august 17 until august 24 2015  ...

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Come I Bambini

10 jun Bussana vs Europa

In august 2015 the film by Maurizio Falcone "Come I Bambini" will be projected in Bussana Vecchia. The 2 hour film is a metaphor for Europe. What has become of the ideals of an united Europe. The ideals of the first artist community of Bussana Vecchia is...

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Tour Bussana Vecchia

01 jan BussanArte organizes guided tours

If you want to scroll through the alleys of Bussana Vecchia and are interested in the history of past and present. Come and visit this very special place. BussanArte organizes guided tours for individuals and small groups.  ...

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Come i bambini

14 aug Come i bambini by Maurizio falcone

Maurizio Falcone created a film based on the theme: the metaphor of Bussana, or how we want to see Europe. During 2 hours Maurizio gives us an insight in the idealism of Bussana and how Europe could benefit from this. The first showing of this film in...

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10 aug Johan Bernard Schweitz

Mostra d’Arte / Exhibition from August 12 until August 30, 2014, Laboratorio Aperto, Bussana Vecchia Born in Surabaja (Indonesië, lived  and studied in The Netherlands, spent a long time at the lovely tropical island of Aruba. Inspiration for his art draws Johan Bernard Schweitz from nature, the elements of light water...

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01 jun Guido da Bussana

Fifteen years after the death of Maestro Guido from Bussana a retrospective exhibition with many paintings and drawings can be seen in Il Cuore di Bussana located in the centre of Bussana Vecchia, the village where he lived fully dedicated to his art. The exhibition aims to remember him through out...

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