A place to dream

About This Project

Walking through Bussana Vecchia you see the remains of an old mountain village and also the artworks of the many artists living and working inside the village. Bussana Vecchia is living today in a medieval scenery.

Before 1960 Bussana Vecchia was just stones and empty. The ideals of young artists has turned it into a real, unreal reality. They build it with bare hands, with blood sweat and tears.

The world we are living in has changed, but the ideals and the spirit of the young artists who created Bussana Vecchia lives on. That is why Bussana Vecchia is so attractive for a lot of people to visit. Not only because of the artists living there, but also because you experience the rich culture of the past and the present.

Bussana Vecchia is the Place to Dream.


Photos Copyright: Maurizio Falcone