Sensuale 2008

About This Project

The arrival of the artists in the sixties gives a new twist to the ruins of the “old” Bussana and the beautiful village gives to newcomers from all parts of the world, its intimacy and vitality.

We want to give a tribute to this unusual village that is called Bussana Vecchia. In fact she is not old but young and full of sensual spirit like a beautiful woman. She is attractive to many, many people who come every year to admire her beauty.

Artists from Bussana Vecchia and artists invited for the occasion show in their paintings, photographs, music, sculptures, ceramics and other forms, a grand salute to women in general, but first of all to the “Donna” Bussana Vecchia, celebrating in this so its renewed beauty thanks to these artists that have given and give today the blood to maintain the soul and the spirit of the village alive and vital.


Photos Copyright: Maurizio Falcone