The other side

About This Project

When Clizia came the first time in the abandoned Bussana of that time, he had an idea, a dream: to explore the possibility, unknown at that time, to create an international artists village where artists could live together of their own creative work.

We wander if in this dream Clizia had forseen that we would have been here, fifty years later, to celebrate his primarily idea. We could then say that Clizia begun what we could call now: “fifty years of exploration of the unknown”.

To make a pun we could say that “Art is the other Part (or side)” and in fact, the work of an artist is to fish into the unknown so to bring into the known what he finds or to look for new roads to travel over, new ideas or different points of view.

Bussana Vecchia is a place full of sounds, lights and dark, secrets, stories, meetings and stones. Walking in her tiny streets we can catch their subtle language and what’s hidden behind their seeming silence: « The other side ».


Photos Copyright: Maurizio Falcone, Brigitte Roumen